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Friday, December 31, 2010

Up the Tehachapi Grade 2010 part THREE

At the last crossing, I said I got robbed of seeing a train there. Well, I did.

Hinkley Rd., Barstow,CA
A train is approaching!

Due to there being cars behind us, I took this pic. inside the car.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emerald Pass Redo(Continued)

More pics from the post below due to me reaching the posting limit.

The end of the train comes through.
Guess how many cars were waiting for the train to finish..

Dang It! A traffic Jam!!!

Emerald Pass redo.

Due to my old Emerald Pass route not having cars on the roads, I am making a Bigger, Better redo! This route will model both Cajon Pass and Tehachapi pass. I will put as much real as I can.I will model: Victorville, Maybe Dagget, Area between Barstow and Boron, Boron, Monolith, and Maybe the area between Caliente(Where the loop is) and Bakersfield. The rest of it will be fictional, but close to prototype.

Here are some pics. of where I am right now:

Not going to do the landscaping until I get the act together.
BNSF Mixed freight comes through in the boring Cajon Deserts

Where the tracks do a mini-split before they actually split. Can you see another crossing gate in the distance? That is the other track! Yes, the ATLS(Advanced Traffic Light System) traffic signals are synchronized!
A "No right turn" signal that lights up whenever a train comes through.

There will be a continued version due to me reaching my picture limit.

Up the Tehachapi grade 2010 part TWO

So comes the second crossing I saw coming up the Tehachapi Pass.

Mountain View Ave., Barstow

The case that proves the street is Mountain View.

Ha! The background of the Western Cullen Hayes light is missing!
I got robbed of seeing a train here. See why at the next post/crossing. Hinkley Rd.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up the Tehachapi Grade 2010 Part One

This is the beginning of a series that may take a year. The beginning of this event is for the beginning of a great New Year. This series will feature all of  the crossings I saw while driving up the Tehachapi Pass, including the crossings at the Tehachapi Loop! Trains, or no trains, I will post all crossings that I took a picture of right here!Also, at the end of every post, I will post a preview summary of the next post/crossing I saw. It will include: Whether or not there is something unique about the crossing, whether or not I saw a train, the street name, the city, and when I should post it. Question? Post a comment!

Lenwood Ave., Barstow

This chrome "box" is called a relay case.

These types of overhead signals are called cantelievers. 

Next post: Preview
Something unique about the crossing: Yes
Saw a Train?: No
Street: Mountain View Ave.
City: Barstow
Should post on: Thursday, Alt. Friday

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I am taking Christmas off. See you on December 26th!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I will give the polls a rest until 2011. Happy Holidays!