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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Georgia Webcam

Yes, another webcam with a crossing in it.

This camera is set in Folkston, GA. But, this cam has stricter restrictions. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari(there may be more) are the only browsers that will work with this. INTERNET EXPLORER DOES NOT WORK ON THIS! I don't know whether or not Mac works on this, although I do know that Iphone, Ipod touch, and Ipad don't work on this. There is not sound on this, although the welcome message says that there will be soon. Look at the top of the page. You will see a link that says "train list". Open that up to see what trains they know will come through there. There are no stupid commercials on here! Yes! You can compare the Fostoria, OH one and this one. They both have their negatives and positives. Questions? Comments? Leave a comment!


G said...

Hablas espanol?

M said...

No, I didn't feel like it. =P

Kerry Scott said...

It does work on Firefox for Mac. That is REALLY cool too! My three-year-old and I are going to check the schedule and watch the trains come through. :)

M said...

If you want audio, then wait until that cam gets enough money, or go to the Fostoria, OH camera. ;)

M said...

Try listening to the scanner feed. That makes it cooler. :)