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Friday, June 10, 2011

A few things...

First of all, do not forget to check Traintalk for more updates than that of on here.

Second of all, this blog just reached 4,000 pageviews!

Third of all, I am at the hotel in Tehachapi.

Fourth of all, both devices go crazy whenever I try to post a live update, so hopes for that are shattered.

Fifth of all, here is a recap of all of my trains in Boron from yesterday.

US 395:

North American Chemical Co.(aka: some private crossing that landed in the middle of Boron with signals)

Rocket Site Rd.


Glinda said...

Thanks for the great update. Photos are really good. Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

kona said...

These are some great pictures. By the blue sky I can see that the weather must be really nice. It is overcast here.