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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Through the passes day ONE part EIGHT

As we approached the private crossing that landed in the middle of Boron with signals, I saw something coming around a bend in the distance. Duh, it was a train. But it was far enough away so that I could easily get this picture with about a minute to spare:

The signals go off:

The train approaches at about 70 mph:

Something you don't see every day: a BNSF h1 style locomotive!

The train crosses:

And... wait, what the heck is THIS car???


Moy said...

Well, what kind of car is it?

RBrass189 said...

Nice photos, thanks for sharing them. I searched google with "ATSF 68200" and it comes up as a coil steel car.

M said...

Thank you, RBrass. I have known coil cars as being smaller, though...

Testing said...
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