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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Three days left now!!!

Yup, here is the final itinerary:

Tuesday: Our first day there. I will try to post an update when we are there and in the car. We might do Riverside if our moods are up, to test the new camera(pics of it to come later in the day).

Wednesday: Train-free day, will be spending time with family.

Thursday: Cajon Pass: Will do Cajon Station and/or Hill 582. The most dangerous trip, gotta look out for rattlesnakes! :D

Friday: FULLERTON!!! Fullerton on a Friday, great for trains, and railfans.

Saturday: Our train ride to Carlsbad from Riverside. We will be taking the Metrolink on this day. I will take video when we get to the scenic parts of the ride. In the afternoon, we might railfan at the Carlsbad Village platform if time allows.

Sunday: Nothing too much. May go to the station if time allows.

Monday: Our train ride back to Riverside in the afternoon. Will railfan the platform beforehand that day. This will conclude my 2012 June California trip.

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