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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Website renovation preview ONE

This is hard work. I think I could create a new website faster, because at least a new website doesn't include deleting everything on the home page. :l 

The new design is complex, but all I will say is it gives the site more of a desert feel to it. I will save pictures for the day it is opened. ;)

I have taken down a few pages, most significantly being the updates and the my signal page. Updates being because I will put those on the home page. My signal because I never seem to go to Riverside anymore.

Most old pages still will exist, and those will be given the same renovations.

Here are some never asked questions!

Will the publish date be pushed back?
Yes, probably back even as far as mid June.

Will the web address be changed?
Likely no, unless I can find a way to...

Will the name of the site be changed?
Yes, to National Railfan.

Will there be pictures of real trains and Trainz there?

Will you quit updating your blogs once it is complete?
Likely, but I will see if there is a way people can comment on the site.

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