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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Which crossing in Boron should I stop at?

Yes, that is correct. I just added a poll that is lasting for 80 days(until June 4th). Here are pics. of the four crossings that are options. One of the crossings I am going to no matter if it wins or not. That crossing will be revealed on June 4th.

US 395: This crossing has a history of broken gates. I will not be surprised if BNSF ruins this crossing when I get there in June

CA 58: Not an option due to it being too busy

Boron Ave: This crossing is identical to Rocket Site Rd, except with gates and the memorial next to it:

Rocket Site Rd: A typical BNSF Gateless crossing:

Some private crossing that landed in the middle of Boron with signals: I don't know how these got here!

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