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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Through the passes 2011 part 1

Last year's series was called  "Up the Tehachapi Grade 2010". This year's is called "Through the passes 2011". I changed the name because I got shots of the Union Pacific(UP) tracks south of Mojave, and of stuff at Cajon Pass. If you want more updates, go to Traintalk. Anyhow, for this part, crossings are the only thing, as I battled the winds in Devore, CA:

Note: I did not get any shots of the BNSF crossing, just the BNSF relay case. If you want to see both crossings clearly, then click here(the closest crossing is the BNSF crossing)

A terrible, wind-battling view of the UP crossing:

The UP relay case:

The BNSF relay case:

A good view of the UP signal furthest away from me:
Now, I am going to start a poll. It will be a Yes/No question. Check the sidebar to see it! 


Family Curator said...

So, where is that bell? I am not sure what I am looking for.

M said...

The bell is a General Signals, or cylindrical bell. Look for a cylinder on the signal... ;)

Glinda said...

Great pictures! How do I find the bell?

M said...

That is the point, you are supposed to look for the bell. I already said too much when I said to look for a cylinder on the signal.