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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Through the passes day 1 part 3

I purposely blew a UP crossing on the way to Kramer Junction(I was currently on US 395) because I was so eager to get to the crossing that won the Boron Poll(the US 395 crossing). After 30 minutes of what felt like riding on a roller coaster, I finally reached this:

I finally made it to the Mojave Sub. And the crossing that won the poll.
The relay case:
(haha, Milepost 777.7)

After 45 minutes of waiting, and nothing, I was worried that there was trackwork somewhere. But, I did not hear any mention of this area, and the Union Pacific defect detectors on that portion of the sub were active, so I did not stress that. Maybe traffic was light? After 15 minutes of going bananas on Google trying to find an answer, I saw a
 distant light. I was so unprepared at the time, I sprinted out of the car at the same time as I took this picture:

Enjoy the rest!

Oh, yeah, I forgot  to mention, this crossing is one of the few to have the gates with completely vertical stripes on it!

And, this crossing has a problem of people blowing the gate:

The train finishes soon after:

Then, I picked on some watermelon, then I continued onwards...


Kerry Scott said...

Wow, great pictures!

M said...

Thank you Kerry, welcome back to Boron! :)

G said...

What's with vertical stripes, is this somethine new and what is the purpose? The roller coaster ride you are refering to,is that the ride on US hwy 395? If so, it was a lot worse in the old days.

M said...

1. Yes, it is a new FRA requirement that all crossings must have vertical stripes by 20**

2:Yes, it was just hilly!

Glinda said...

Really enjoyed your pictures and commentary. Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Impressive! I admire your interest and depth of knowledge. Keep it up.

M said...

MRS. ANDERSON!!! Always happy when a teacher reads my blog! Weird that you commented on a post from back in July, though.