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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trains in Montana

My grandparents are currently on their way home from Montana, but a few days ago, my grandfather went out to the Marias Pass(not sure of the location, that was not provided) and shot some pics of a crossing. He caught a grain train, and sent me some pictures.

The relay case:

The sigs go off:

A BNSF C44-9W leads this grain train:

Many thanks to my grandfather for going out in the morning and catching this!


RBrass189 said...

Nice pictures. I used google search terms: BNSF "state park rd" montana and came up with a location for you. It's amazing what is indexed and can be found with a few keywords. Using the terms BNSF 059256V gets the same link, too.

It's on page 5 of this PDF. Montana has an extensive listing of rail crossings, here.

This google maps link should be the right place.

M said...


Ah, thank you. Then that would be right at the end of the Marias Pass, because it is between Shelby and Whitefish.

Kerry Scott said...

Beautiful pictues! These make me want to visit Montana.

kona said...

That Grandpa he is the best!