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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some June California pics

Now here!

A UP track inspection car at Cajon.

A camera test photo after my first piece of crap tripod fell over.

A UP manifest on the Palmdale Cutoff at Swarthout Canyon.

Now we enter Fullerton... 6/8/12
The Amtrak Southwest Chief #4 waits to depart Fullerton:

Now Downtown San Diego(6/10/12):
Amtrak Cabbage unit 90208 soon to lead the amfleets out of San Diego

P42DC 84 on the other end...

Now Oceanside(6/11/12):
Coaster F40PH 2105 is getting ready to lead this...

METROLINK out of Oceanside?!


Kerry Scott said...

Wow, those are great. I like the first one especially.

Crossing Talk Admin said...

Thanks, Kerry

Crossing Talk Admin said...

Sorry, forgot the exclamation point!