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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A few from Hill 582

The first two trains we saw, including the M-BARWAT:

And a few more, including the Christmas officer special, and a 3-way meet. The clip I play the first 14 seconds of the video is actually the intro I will use on the rest of my December trip videos.


Moy said...

Great job! I love the graphics and special effects.

Glinda said...

Nice job! The film clips are very interesting. Also,the graphics are a nice addition to the film clips. Does a railfan technically have to see trains in person or can a railfan follow a comprehensive blog such as your's?

M said...

Linda: Honestly, it is both. The average railfan usually does both.

G said...

Nice job Crossing Talk. Enjoy the video from the hill. Pretty lucky to catch the Christmas train. Was that Santa I saw run by? Keep up the good work. GPG