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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final Roster for December trip

Yep, here it is:

1.Riverside: I found an extra spot so we can do this on a weekday instead of that Sunday.
2.Fullerton: Yep, I bumped Fullerton up to part 2 instead of 3. And it is still on the day I want also(that Tuesday).
3.Hill 582: On Cajon Pass, that hill gives great vantage point.
4.Carlsbad: This does not seem like the grand finale type of trip, but I decided to make it the same day my grandfather gets the Christmas turkey. We will also leave at around 5:00 or so, to watch the Texans on Thursday night football(go Texans!).

As always, it will stay this way unless something sudden happens, such as an illness or my flight getting cancelled. If something does happen, they will go away in this order:
2.Hill 582

If I could use paint, I would try to make a logo for this... oh well...

By the way, the Riverside poll ends next week... just saying.


Moy said...

You're going to be very busy. When will you visit with your family?

Glinda said...

Like your plan. Also like your interest expansion beyond train crossings. Looking forward to reading about your December trips.